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First, understand how it all began...

Sobre o Digital Manager Guru

March 2015.

My blog generated about 1300 visits daily. But I did not know how to monetize it. Until one day, the opportunity arose to promote an event:
Jordan Belfort, The Wall Street Wolf. That's when I saw the opportunity to make money on the internet.
I've sent an email to my readers base.
I've sold and received an exact amount of R$ 3,500 in commissions.
I was so excited about the result that I've decided to promote other products. So I made no less than R$ 36,000 in just 30 days.

6 months later...

My results were for R$ 47,000; then R$ 107,000; then incredibly R$ 120,000 per month.
Besides the high earnings, day by day, I was frustrated with the management of my business. Unified reports and metrics were missing.
Total sales were spread across different marketplaces (Hotmart, Eduzz, Monetizze).
It was impossible to know the average ticket, the average profit and other important indicators.
As if that were not enough, I discovered that the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads reports were incomplete. No platform was able to show me the actual number of confirmed sales.
I also couldn’t send strategic sales data to my e-mail tool.
So I decided to find a more efficient way to run my business so that it would remain profitable over time. And that was not as a part of the websites based on affiliate marketing, they sell for a while, and then simply break.
I integrated my Google Docs spreadsheets with the marketplaces I used to make my sales.
Finally I got a sales panel and some graphics.

One year later...

I ran an event as a co-producer and decided to view the information captured in Google Data Studio. We tracked ticket sales in real time, with accurate statistics and graphics.
That was the biggest jump in visual and functional terms.
After the event, I kept thinking:

"How many affiliates and producers face the same problems?"

So I had the idea to bring together all the key elements of managing a digital business.
This is how Digital Manager Guru was born.
The idea is to give you access to key performance charts and metrics in a simple and dynamic way. So you can manage your business in a precise way.
In summary, you can identify and manage your sales more centrally. And so, you not in risk of losing information that can be decisive for your business failure in the future.
Now you must be asking, "All this is amazing, André, but...

How can Digital Manager Guru help you build an even more lucrative digital business?

There are actually three reasons, and each one is very important: First, because Guru helps you gather accurate metrics. With the features, you can find out exactly the ROI of your online campaigns and stop breaking your head with inaccurate numbers.
Second, you save time. Yes, you can say goodbye to wasted time on redundant tasks, cluttered worksheets, and confusing processes.
Third, you can make more assertive decisions. You will have a structured decision process to exponentially raise your conversion rates and grow your digital business.
This is the differential of Digital Manager Guru. It is more than just software. Honestly, there is no other system with so many features for you to play your digital business with such mastery. That way, earn the profit you so badly desire.
Tell the truth. As a digital business owner, you already know the value of having all the information you need in one tool.
What you get by having all the information about your business, organized simply and accessible a few clicks away, is what we call MAXIMUM POWER!
This power is the experience that most fascinates clients and explains why more and more professionals are joining Guru.

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See who are the professionals behind Digital Manager Guru

André Lado Cruz - Technology Guru

André Lado Cruz

Technology Guru

Involved with system analysis and large financial volumes since 1999. He has worked for renowned companies such as Vivo, IG and VTEX. His attention to the smallest details was fundamental in all the projects in which he participated.

Michelle Oliveira - Relationship Guru

Michelle Oliveira

Relationship Guru

Specialized in software engineering. She has worked for big companies like Siemens and Valid. In the past 11 years, she has served as a systems analyst and has become a specialist in translating customer needs into the language of the developers.