The simplest and most powerful way to sell online

Everything you need to run your online business in one place: high conversion checkout, sales tracking, metrics, integrations for marketing and after-sales, and ROI in real-time.

Guru as the center of the business operation


Checkout process for single purchases and subscriptions. Average conversion above 20%.


Campaign tracking, sales and lead-source, plus ROI in real time.


More than 90 integrations available to automate all stages of online sales.


Business overview and metrics, for you and your team, in one place.


The most flexible and complete online sales platform to manage your business in one place

Selling online doesn’t have to be complicated, nor demand e-commerce platforms.

Most of the time, all you need is a convincing sales page plus the resources to run the business: payment, integrations, control of campaigns, and metrics. Typically, these pillars are spread across multiple platforms that do not talk to each other. As a consequence, this causes a drop in the efficiency of the operation and limits the decision-making.

That’s why we built GURU.

A complete checkout and online sales management platform that helps you bring together all the business functions and manage the operation in one place, without the need for a developer.

We are the ideal solution for:

Content creators
Software as a Service
Subscription Clubs
Subscriptions Business
Courses, training and consulting companies
Selling of physical products (w/ landing pages)

The #1 choice of hundreds of online businesses

Try the power of the Guru in your business

We provide all the features to run your online sales operation with complete freedom of choice on tools and services to use.

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Far beyond a simple checkout…

Mobile optimized

Checkout process optimized for mobile in two versions: One-Page and Multi-Step

High conversion

Flow that takes the customer straight to payment, with no shopping cart or unnecessary steps

Guru Checkout demonstration
Imagem de celular com exemplo de checkout da guru

Multiple options

Ready to integrate with the most advantageous payment gateway for your business

One-time & Subscription

Checkout compatible for one-time purchases, subscriptions, and recurring payments

Integrated to the most popular payment providers


Full control of your campaigns

Leads passing through a sales funnel

Sales and Lead Tracking

Know exactly where your conversions are coming from and find out which ads and traffic sources are the most profitable

Neural A/B Test

Harness the power of our 100% conversion-oriented Machine Learning to drive your traffic and improve your ROI

Real-time ROI

Connect with top advertisers and track your campaign ROI automatically and in real time


Integrations with all stages of online sales

Connect your apps, move data between them and automate workflows with 100+ code-free integrations


Notify customers about order status changes via SMS or communication platforms

CRM & Marketing

Update email marketing lists or send contacts to the sales recovery team

Fulfillment & Delivery

Issue invoice, grant access to the online course, or just send the order to your ERP, e-commerce, and shipping platform

Guru connected to different types of integrations


Business overview in one place

Business owners checking sales metrics

Sales & Subscription Dashboard

Track sales and subscriptions metrics in real-time on an interactive dashboard

Customers overview

Get to know your customer base and monitor the growth of the Customer Lifetime Value

Daily Summary

Compare sales results and customer base growth with the previous day


Partner and Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management

Create your own affiliate program: recruit partners, provide referral links and manage commissioning rules

Split Payment

Split the sale amount between all involved parties and automate the payout schedule

Statistics and Reports

Track partner and affiliate performance through reports and metrics

(*) Check available integrations for Checkout Guru that supports the split payment feature.
Business owner sharing the referal link with his partner


A complete platform you can count on

High Availability

Your online sales in good hands! High availability infrastructure and extensive monitoring to mitigate unforeseen issues early on.

Security & Audit

Company data is always protected. Support without access to your account, secure checkout, role-based access control, and auditing.

Constant Evolution

We are fanatical about improving the platform every day. Be amazed by dozens of new features, integrations, and updates. Check our updates.

5 Star Support

We love people, not robots! Count on the support of our experts via chat and videoconference to make the most of the platform.

Stop struggling with scattered data and limited services.
Switch to a powerful, all-in-one solution.